How something can be so little but so fat at the same time is beyond me. This "little" mini came into my life a little over a year ago. He was the pet to a family friend of ours, and when their family decided to move out of the country and into the city, we jumped at the chance to take him. He came here in July of 2009, and he has been causing trouble ever since. Almost immediately upon his arrival, he and Woody latched on to each other and now they are nothing short of inseperable. Those two boys are partners in crime and manage to get into all sorts of things. So far, he has broken a round pen gate (pulverized would be a more appropriate term), eaten a chair, and chewed up who knows how many trees.

He has come along way though since his arrival. When he first came he wasn't able to be caught, and I had to work for months with him to get him to truly accept the halter. He is now able to be tied, groomed at liberty, caught, and knows all the basic ground manners that he had no knowledge of upon arrival. Even our vet noticed the change in this little guys temperament and demeanor since he's been on our farm. She observed his eye is very soft and he seems truly content with his life here.

I have done a lot of work with him, and right now he is just enjoying his cushy life. I have been wanting to begin training him on the long lines to eventually work up to cart pulling with him, but unfortunately other projects have gotten in the way. As of now, his role in the herd consists of annoying Charlotte, being Woody's workout buddy, and just in general being Woody's annoying little brother. He is a ton of fun though, and if for nothing else, he is useful for providing daily entertainment to my entire family.

Full Name: Teddy
Nickname: Ted, George
Age: 7 years old
Age: Miniature Horse
Height: approx. 11 hh
Gender: Gelding
Color: Liver Chestnut

Favorite Toy: cones
Favorite Treat: carrots
Favorite Drink: Sobi Life Water
Favorite Place: wherever his big brother is!
Favorite Activity: playing with Woody

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