Saturday, June 12, 2010

Harry Whitney... Here We Come!

Mom and I are officially packed and ready for camp. Well... almost. We have the horse's suitcases packed, our suitcases packed, and everything ready for tomorrow. Terrie is arriving at ten to help us load the horses, and hopefully that will go by quickly and smoothly. We will then hit the road and head on up to Rodgersville, TN to Mendin' Fences Farm for the week.
We are in the "mother-daughter group" week, so two other mother-daughters are going to join Mom and I. My list for Harry is pretty short and subject to change. The main thing I would like to address is Woody's trailer loading. Though he goes in, he is very inconsistent and he is not truly ok with it. Hopefully Harry can help me help Woody feel better about the trailering experience. Also, I hope to work more on Woody's canter, and held him maintain the gait for longer distances. Other than that though I just want to have fun, learn from all the horses, and increase my horsemanship. I think Mom and I might switch horses for a day and I'll work with Charlotte while she plays with Woody. That should be interesting and I'd love to get Harry's feedback on my relationship with her.
Unfortunately for you, my reader, there is no internet access at Mendin' Fences. Therefore, I will not be able to update with posts of the day. However, I will be taking notes, and I believe I saw my mom searching for her audio recorder earlier, so there will be eventual updates on camp happenings, but not until I return on Saturday. I hope everyone has a lovely week in my absence... I know I will!

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  1. Hi Eden,
    How exciting, a Mom-Daughter horse adventure. I wish both of you lots of fun. Be inspired, empowered and learn lots and lots to grow and progress.

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor