Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Welcome to my new and improved blog! Though this blog may look similar to my previous one, many changes have been made.

The main reason for the change is in concern to the web address. My previous web address was edensparellijourney.blogspot.com. I decided to change my address to "horsemanshipjourney" because I don't want to attach myself to any one particular program. I believe that each specific "program" or "system" has something good to offer. I have taken ideas, concepts, and exercises from many different programs to build the amazing relationship I have with all of my horses. Though many people say its best to find a program and stick to it, I say that by doing that you miss what other horse masters have to offer as well. Therefore I have removed "Parelli" from my name.

Parelli used to be the main influence of my horsemanship, and I still believe it is a wonderful resource and program. However, I feel I have graduated to another level of horsemanship: one in which all that matters is my horse's well being, both mental and physical, rather than the levels we can achieve and the things I can make him do. My goal with my horse is to teach him to let go of his worries and trust in and depend on me to protect him, be considerate of him, and make his job as easy as it can be.

This blog is open to all influences. Its main purpose is to document my sessions and thoughts and keep my fellow horse lovers updated about my life. Poke around, ask questions, and enjoy!

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